Stonehenge: Remarkable mystery construction of the world.

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Stonehenge Mystery: Some of the places in the world remain a mystery. And Stonehenge mystery is one in that list.

Geography of Stonehenge

For centuries, scientists and people are confused about the ancient Stonehenge. In this case, they are trying to brief the proof of its existence. Stonehenge is in the UK. And it is full of pillars consisting of rocks laid on top. Up to a point this area was arranged with stone columns. It’s is looking just similar to a monument. With this in mind remained as who created this wonder. Just similarly to a pyramid, Stonehenge remained a mystery.

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Tourist spot

But people estimate that this was built in early 2019 early. Besides which is 5000 years before. It is to be noted that early man while using stone as a tool. May have been utilized in this place. And undoubtedly it has taken over 1500 years to complete the process.

Stages of construction

Firstly, they have dug deep inside to find the tools inside. And then circular pits were designed. And now they are called Aubrey hole. As a result John Aubrey firstly discovered Stonehenge. Thus these holes hold timbers in an upright position. By which they create a circle within a circular portion. Previously, this place remained standing for several years.

Sunrise of stonehenge

Design of Stonehenge

New designers arrived spot. They decided to reconstruct them with the stones. But they have used 80 stones. So in which 43 remain in standing. And laid them similarly like a horseshoe or circular. But in the final stages, they were arranged in the form of a circular portion. In which there were three-piece structured called trilithons. So these are now seen in virtual platforms.

How Stonehenge is constructed?

The most interesting thing about Stonehenge is it was constructed Before the invention of the wheel. For the most part,, the stones were traveled manually over miles. But few stones had to move from 200 miles. The stones were transported using rollers and sledges. As a result, these were made from fallen tree trunks. Tom far distances,, they were kept in rollers. So definitely it became an easy job rather than carrying heavy stones.

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In modern days we use oxen with wheels to transfer. As a result ancient glaciers also helped to transport the huge stones. The slopes of the glacier made it easy. Because of that they can uplift and transport.

King and Memorial

Also, there is another story for this Stonehenge. Once king Arthur’s participated in a war. So in this war, many nobles were killed. So a memorial is constructed. And the memorial is nothing but Stonehenge. And enemies cannot get into the region and participate. Stonehenge acts as a strong Barrier not permitting enemies to enter.

Geologists claimed that this work has been done by priests. Even now priests participate in in rituals at this place. But evidence shows that priests didn’t build Stonehenge.

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UK monument

After investigating the site with bones, its other tools. It is concluded that definitely,, one man didn’t make this. Finally,, it has concluded that a group of people was involved in building. The first man built and later invaders redeveloped this spot. To be clear, till now the Reason for this construction is not known. But this place is a nice spot for festivals, ceremonies,, and many more. Even now it is a nice tourist destination. So people from all over the different place come and visit.

One more conspiracy theories state that aliens use this place for navigate. Pyramids, Stonehenge, Nazca lines were built by aliens. But the actual truth is not known. But while others believe that this spot sweeps all energy.

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Alien and navigation

This construction includes no wheel, no crane, no machinery. Very nice plan. Great ventilation.

Interesting facts about Stonehenge

1. Sold Auction of Stonehenge is 6,600€. Stonehenge is a very expensive asset. Similarly, it has changed from many hands.
2. Place for burial ground: Archeologists found out many bones under the ground. Over 100 varieties of different people.
3. Earthworm sank Stonehenge: The site is very cool. Earthworm lives beneath the ground. These earthworms eat the soil. And the useful nutrients are taken and excretes the extra one. Because of the earthworm, Stonehenge sank. In the same way the surface level increases.
4. Stone came from far miles: It is to be noted that the stones are brought from whales. Even so, it is so far away miles.

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