Somnath temple: History and latest proved Scientific reasons.

somnath temple
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Somnath Temple is a temple of Lord shiva. And it is also one of the 12 Jyothi Lingas of Shiva. People believe that the Somnath temple is the most powerful.

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Somnath temple

Epics About Somnath Temple.

According to our Bhagavatam, Skanda Purana, Siva Purana, and Rigveda it is written that the moon has married the 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati. Moon used to be so close to Rohini and neglected the others. So, these 26 daughters said the matter with their Father. So, Daksha Prajapati got angry on the moon and cursed the moon that his light should never there.

Somnath temple

Because of the curse on the moon, there is no light. Later, the moon went to lord Shiva and prayed. Then lord Shiva said to visit the place prabhas patan, this is a point where Kapil river, Hiran river, and Saraswati river meet. And this is located in Gujarat. Lord Shiva said to the moon to take a bath in this place Triveni sangamam during Sravana Masam. So as suggested by Lord Shiva, the moon took a bath and got a new look. So Moon felt very happy as he regained his light. And decided to build a temple in that place for shiva because lord shiva helped him.

Construction of Somnath Temple

Somnath means god to the moon. And according to few Puranas like Siva Purana, Shiva says that “I am everywhere” But majorly present in 12 places( Dwadasha Jyothi Lingas). And Somnath temple is the most important one. So, During the night times, Sea comes to pray and goes back.


Later, Lord Ravana built this temple using silver. In the Mahabharata period lord, Sri Krishna comes on a horse to visit Somnath temple. And lord Krishna re-built the temple with sandalwood.

Specialties of Somnath Temple

Somnath temple is the most powerful temple all over the world. During 1024, Somnath lingam used to float on water without any support. So Somnath temple is very famous that 2000 priests used to offer prayers, and 300 musicians play music. And the 500 dancers used to dance. 10,000 neighborhood villages pray to Somnath temple. People believe that they will reborn with high prosperity, wealth, and health.


Ghazni Mohammad:

To spread Islam around the world, Ghazni Mohammad invaded the temple. He spoiled and destroyed many Hindu temples across India. He attacked for almost 1 week and killed over 50,000 people. So then entered into the temple and collapsed everything. And he also stole gold and silver present there. But myths day that he also took samanthakamani.

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lunar waves

Many people who depend on the Somnath temple didn’t satisfy with the wealth. So they created a rumored that people who offer wealth to god will reborn with a clean soul. But later this was extended to sacrifice the virgin girl for enjoyment.

A war between Mohammed and King

Sultan Mohammad who belongs to the Ghazni dynasty entered by defeating raja Jaipal in the Peshawar war. But Jaipal didn’t accept the defeat and suicide himself. So the sultan occupied most of the northern part of India. Later, the ent a person to check the Somnath temple. And the person said that it was floating in the water without any support. So the sultan thought to occupy Somnath temple.

front view

Victory in the war

The king of this area is Bhim Dev. But people became against him and shouted your death is near my dear. But the sultan didn’t stop. So he wants to occupy Somnath temple at any cost. But the war has started. Sultan soldiers surrounded outside the temple and Bhim Dev soldiers were inside. But this war extended up to 6 days. And neighboring kings were supporting Bhim Dev and against with sultan. But the war ended on the 8th day. So Sultan Mohammad won. He entered the temple.


Scientific Reasons:

Sages of the sultan explained that this statue is meteor roid. This was from the planets. The roof and floor of the temple are made up of lodestone. Lodestone is a natural magnet. Highly skilled persons designed the temple in which Shiva lingam floats on water. To verify the magnetism, he removed the stones from the roof and the statue bent aside. As discussed earlier sea which comes during the night is because of lunar tides.

Facts About Lodestone: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits - Gemstagram

Later, he broke statues into 4 pieces and delivered one part to Macca, one to Madina, one masjid, and the other in the palace. This temple was reconstructed many times. But in 1951 it was modified little by Rajendra Prasad.


So we hear about many mysteries few have been solved and few yet to solve. And anyhow Somnath Temple is one of them. Floating Shiva Lingam attracts many visitors and tourists. Coming to Somnath Temple, Scientific reasons have been explained. But still, people are not 100% aware of it. So this is a detailed explanation of Somnath Temple.


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