Mermaids: Strange experiences and details about mermaids.

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What are mermaids?

Mermaids: It’s an aquatic creature visible as women in the upper body and fishtails down.
We usually recall mermaid as the picture of the beautiful girl on the bank of the river. It seems to appear like a fish at the naval and head and trunk as a woman.

Where are mermaids present?

We can able to see this Mermaid in East Europe, Asia, and America. Not only this recently, ancient impression of mermaids drawn before some years ago. They have been seen in almost every country irrespective of their continent.

mermaid on the bank of the river.

Mermaids in Ramayana

According to the epic Ramayana when Ravana Carried away sita, hanuman built a floating bridge to Lanka on water. Lord Hanuman and many others are throwing stones into the water. But on the next day, the stones were missing. Hanuman jumped into the river to found what was happening. Then he found a large number of mermaids underwater. But hanuman fell in love with one mermaid. The mermaid is suvannamacha. Suvannamacha is the first mermaid to find in the Hindu religion. Hanuman asked her why she is stealing the stones. Then she replied I am the daughter of King Ravana. My father instructed me to stop you from doing this. But she helped hanuman in building bridges later.

Mermaid, Sunset, Sea, Magic, Fantasy

First mermaid.

The first mermaid appeared in seriya. In 1000 B.C There was a queen named Atargatis. She was alive with a shepherd. But unfortunately, the shepherd has killed just because of the queen. To overcome this tense she jumped into the river to become a fish. But she is a goddess. She cannot turn the entire body into fish. So half of the body turned like a fish.

Columbus experience

During exploring the world, Columbus has seen three mermaids in the Caribbean sea, in 1493. He said I have seen three mermaids but they were not as beautiful as we think. And their faces are just like human beings. But during his last days, he said his eyes were lying. This is called conformational bias.

Caribbean sea

Videos of mermaids

In 2012 animal planet released a program Mermaid- A new evidence. This video is watched by more than 36 lakh people. And this is a record. But in the end, they gave a twist that it is just a story based on theory. So the dead body shown in this video is fake. So many photoshoots take place arranging Mermaid structure. But many of them were the display pictures and property used in movies.

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A disorder called sirenomelia is seen in lakh babies. And this is called mermaid syndrome. They look like a mermaid in which their legs are fused as one. But these babies lose their lives within 3 days. So, these children are also not mermaids. And till now officially we didn’t find any of the real dead body of mermaids.

Aquatic ape theory:

According to this theory, it states that we humans were evolved form of mermaids. And the fact is less than one year infants when dipped in water can control their breath and don’t swallow water. Our hair present in the skin, the large Brain, and two legs are identical to marine mammals. Earlier 65 lakh years ago when the earth got separated as a continent (BIG BANG). So the food is highly available in oceans. And many of them adopted them and later came on to the land.

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Out earth(one of the planet) consists of 30% of land and 70% of water. So we just found a few animal species. And there are large and small organisms present inside it. Only 10% of total oceans were found until now and 90% is left. Almost some species were unknown and undiscovered.

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In our epics there mentioned cities under the water like Atlantis. They also described the presence of mermaids.

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I can conclude that the videos which went in viral on the internet are fake. And in the remaining 90% of oceans, there might be mermaids exist. Mermaids may present in any one of the corners. And due to the heavy pollution oceans are becoming rubbish. So aquatic creatures are facing troubles. But mermaids may present deep under the water.

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