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Posted by Peddapuram Priya
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Brother, I don’t know how to thank you, but I am lucky. I may miss you sometimes. We fight, We play, We care for each other, We love each other πŸ’“, We share. You are the best thing I got in my life. Brotherhood is the most important relationship in my life. You are there for me in every situation whether good or bad. You have seen our fights, family trips, festivals, functions, and all.

Brother as a Friend.

No one can replace you as a best friend. Thank you for being my best friend. You bore all our childhood situations. I really trust you more than a friend does. I hope you will continue as a best friend. When I fell you picked me up. You laughed along with me. Even you cried for me. We know how we poke others. Our comments are rubbish all time.

Strange creature!

I don’t really understand which human being you are. Sometimes you are funny, jovule, serious, and all. Your advices are the best one.

Brother as a Mentor.

It well suits you as a mentor. brother, you thought me a path. You showed me respect. You said me a lot of information. I am under your guidance. You helped me in finding my goal. brother you showed me as many resources. You motivated me whenever I lose my confidence. Your motivation creates me mentally and emotionally strong. You always show me a good way.

Tom and Jerry relationship

We fight each other like Tom and Jerry. You tease me. I irritate you. We knock down each other but definitely can’t live without you! We may be separated by distance but we are close at heart. You shared my happiness. Also shared joy and sorrow equally. our unconditional love is limitless.

Motivational speaker!

When I really don’t understand what I am doing, you fill some type of encouragement. The moment I feel like quitting, your words make me awake. Whenever I am not ready for great things you made me up. Really I say that you motivated emotionally and mentally. Your words are true sips of my strength.

Brother as a supporter

When I said you my dream you just smiled. I did not understand why? and I am getting now because you are there to support me. Every time you focussed on me.

Brother as a Teacher.

I don’t know how much I remembered in school days. So you taught me some basics that you are perfect in. You explained the clear idea as a summary. You adore as a Teacher. I feel blessed to have you.

We helped each other. you and I share our worst feelings, fears, and biggest secrets. Brother is the gift to the heart. friend to the spirit. diamond thread for a meaningful life.


So This is not enough to describe you and because you are truly a god gift. And I wish you all success ahead! You became a true inspiration to me. I love you so much because you love me too! So all this is what I did. Thank you anna!

Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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