Bird flu Season has started now in chicken and geese.

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Bird flu is also called Avian Influenza(AI). This is a disease-causing in chickens, crows, birds, and all. So Indeed it is ann ani al viral disease. Additionally, it may also attack humans too. So just like other viral strains, bird flu had many stains. But few of them are serious and some are mild.

Bird flu started several decades ago. The main reason for their spread is the Culling of the birds. So if we are in close touch with animals then it may be risky. But it won’t spread from a person to person. If we cook at a high temperature then viruses escape.

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Types of Bird Flu

Bird flu has three types.
1. Type A: This type of viral is seen in only animals and birds.
2. Type B and Type C: And both types are seen in humans as well as animals.

Common Type

The most common type of bird flu is H5N1. This is not only harmful to birds but also mammals may suffer. According to a report of WHO, Almost 60% of affected humans died because of bird flu. It should be noted that oy cannot spread direct contact from humans. But animal to human contact should be more.


Very light fever, cough, cold, diarrhea, respiratory troubles, headaches, muscle pain, sore throat.

Causes of Bird flu:

H5N1 is the most infectious to humans. So it may easily spread to other animals. So even if we are in contact with them, then it spreads to humans. And we must be careful with the secretions and excretion.
Altogether if we eat fully boiled or cooked meat then flu doesn’t transmit. But if we take half or semi-cooked then it may transmit.

free-range turkeys and hens, gascony, france - bird flu

Risk Factors of Bird Flu:

So it should be noted that it is active for a longer time once after the attack. Farmer, traveler semi-cooked, exposure to infections person may be risky.


Antiviral medication should be given in earlier stages. So that the disease r duces the impact. Firstly, medication to be taken as early as possible after symptoms appear.

animal researcher holding infected chicken - bird flu
Affected chicken for testing.


If the drugs and antibiotics are taken in in in in the early stage of symptoms. So then the chances of reducing are high and maximum.

Current News

In North India, migrant birds died because of H5N8. Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, and Rajasthan are high. So after the death samples were sent to further investigation. Once in 2016, India did not report any bird flu cases. And now the strain is observed as H5N8. But this was first identified in ducks in China. Geese of Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan crows, and Kerala ducks are at higher risks.

Geese, flu, Poultry, Coulter
Geese Poultry

Bird Flu effected states

So after investigating they have found that the samples contain genes of bird flu. That is H5N8. And it was found in Kerala. Initially, birds started dying in wildlife sanctuary at Himachal Pradesh. So in total 100’s of crows gone dead. Approximately 12000 ducks died. So after testing, the strain was also found in Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. And it is estimated that migratory birds are carrying away.

bird flu
Bird flu for chicken

And it is to be noted that H5N8 is not spreading to humans fastly as H5N1. Veterinary Department at the is taking care hit the thee the s flu.

Actions taken:

  • 1. The neighborhood of the pong dam is banned up to 1 kilometer in all directions.
  • 2. In Himachal Pradesh sale of poultry has been banned.
  • 3. Dead birds are separately disposed of in an area.
  • 4. In Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, the wildlife is kept high alert.
  • 5. Affected areas have been closed egg and poultry shops.
  • 6. Advanced steps were taken by the Animal Husbandry department.
Dumping the dead birds effected by bird
Dumping the dead birds

It is to be noted that Bird flu is not severe or dangerous. But pre actions and safety measures have to be followed. It wont spread human to human. But we must be caredul with the poultry. Before eatimg the meat cook it in high tempertaure.

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