Bermuda Triangle Mystery.

Bermuda triangle
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what happened to the ships, aircraft, and boats that traveled by Bermuda? We might have heard that few aircraft, planes, jets, boats are disappeared on the Bermuda triangle. Bermuda triangle is one of the mysterious places on the planet. so in this blog let us discuss the mystery behind the Bermuda triangle. and incidents that took place and most famous theories developed.

Bermuda triangle also called Devil’s triangle. It is situated in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda triangle lies between Florida, Bermuda, and the plutonic of the Atlantic sea. area of Bermuda triangle is 1,30,000 sq.ft, 1.3 million km2, 500,000 mi2.

Bermuda triangle is in Sargasso sea. the three corners are present on Sargasso sea. one corner is in Miami, another on islands of Bermuda and another san guan Puerto Rico.

Legend  Christopher Columbus was the first to report strange happenings in the area in 1492. According to the ship’s logs. Columbus said the compasses could not maintain a constant bearing. and that the North Star appeared to move.


As we notice in the past 100 years, 1000 ships, airplanes are missing without leaving any clues. These ships and planes are later vanishing without imagination. every year 4 airplanes, 20 ships are missing. There is no clue that the ships, airplanes are collapsed or drowned. the planes were never found.


FLIGHT-19: On December 5th, 1945, five American avengers fighter bombers in the naval air station in Florida. the US navy as a part of daily routine training sent 5 planes to this area. This team is named “Team-19“. which included 14 members. The weather is clear and the day is perfect. the flights are equipped with the latest gears.

5 planes

After two hours of flight19 team. the captain sent a voice message. In which he described that nothing is going well here and our compass isn’t working. My compass is going nuts. the ocean is not like the ocean. then voicemail turned off. however, 5 planes and 14 members did not return by evening.

14 members.

Immediately, the US navy sent another flight of 13 people to rescue them. Unfortunately, this flight also hasn’t returned to place. Many of them started writing articles but none of them are sure about the incident.


USS CYCLOPES: In the history of the American navy. USS CYCLOPES CARGO marks the largest loss of life in a single incident. in which many of the people died. This ship is mainly used for transferring fuel. this transports fuels to other ships during the war.


On March 4th 1914, this ship went missing with 309 members in it. the massive ship set out to sail from Brazil to Baltimore through the Bermuda region carrying 10,800 tons of manganese ore along with 309 members.

scientists started research on the area that was put into action but nothing was really found. No parts of the ship or any members aboard have ever been found. The captain of USS Cyclops never sent a distress signal. Cyclops has become part of the list of more than 100 ships and planes to have vanished under strange circumstances in the Bermuda triangle.511689


CHRISTOPER COLUMBUS: CHRISTOPER COLUMBUS was a great explorer. and while he was traveling around Bermuda in 1492. He said, ” I saw a strange light and huge fireball in the sky.” and he noticed, “my magnetic compass isn’t working.”

The 1492 light sighting was a sighting of unknown light observed by Columbus. at the tenth hour of the night. while he was on the sterncastle saw a light. although it was something so faint that he did not wish to affirm that it was land. But he called and told him that there seemed to be a light, and for him to look: and thus he did and saw it”.


BRUCE GERNON TIME TRAVEL: In 1970 December, Bruce gernon in his personal flight is traveling from Florida to the Bahamas. Suddenly on his way, his flight went into a huge cloud. he named cloud as electronic fog. he observed a high-intensity continuous light like photo flash.

electronic fog

later, that flight came out of the cloud. he noticed that Miami beach is the opposite. To wonder that it takes 75 minutes to reach Miami beach from Florida by flight. but bruce returned just in 47 minutes.

INCIDENT-5: withcraft

WITH CRAFT: On December 22, 1967, a cabin cruiser named witchcraft left from Miami with her captain and his friend. The journey on the 23-foot luxury yacht was to enjoy. the wonderful view of Miami’s Christmas lights. However, after reaching just one mile from offshore. the coast guard received a call from the captain. so stating that his ship had hit something but there was no substantial damage. Indicating help to be towed to the shore. the coast guard set off immediately reaching witchcraft in as many as 19 minutes alone but to nothing.

The area of the ship was complete with no signs of any ship. having been stranded. so what’s most intriguing about this story is. that this particular cruiser was virtually unsinkable. because None of the jackets was used and the ship was gone. Nothing of this ship has been found until this day. The ship is gone and what remains is only the speculation that can be done now.

Theories of the Bermuda triangle

many scientists explained mystery in many theories. because the mystery is written by different authors. now let us see some of those theories.

THEORY-1: Large city of Atlantis

A Rock Fountain was found in the Bermuda triangle recently. they named it Bemini Road. This was made by humans. Scientists are working on the most powerful city in Atlantis. this city is behind the Bermuda triangle. Earlier, so power was supplied through powerful crystals. this produces crystal energy. due to this remained energy compass won’t work.

THEORY-2: The Gulf Stream:

The depth of the ocean at Bermuda is 28,373 feet. At the surface of ocean water flows like a powerful stream. Due to this flow, ships drown are pushed into the ocean surface. so there is no clue of drowned ships.

THEORY-3: Methane Gas

At the bottom surfaces of the Bermuda triangle. A high amount of methane gas is present in the form of big bubbles. this is very much high. so if one bubble explodes it can suck even larger ships. because scientists are guessing this might be a reason.


Not only these theories. many of the theories came forward . that there is a big pyramid. this big pyramid is having much power. and also a theory states that it is a way for other planet. and also people are guessing may be this is all done by aliens.

Even though this area has the most tragic unexplained deaths. it can all have natural explanations. Today the Bermuda Triangle is an area, where plenty of ships and aircraft pass through regularly without any problems. It has also been noted that most of the incidents that are said to have taken place here are not true. It was all made up by the authors in order to get more attention from the readers.

In the contemporary world, Bermuda Triangle adds complications in a completely different manner. Where one tries to remember only the mechanical. and the technical. the fear of the Devil’s Triangle is like a reality. check to remind everyone that in spite of all the upgradations. that man has managed to do to the planet, in the end.


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    Informative..Thanks for sharing your knowledge.. Your efforts are admirable.. ALL THE BEST for further blogs.


    Informative.. your efforts are admirable.. Thanks for sharing your knowledge..ALL THE BEST for your further blogs.

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