A powerful decision was taken on Ayodhya verdict:

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Ayodhya is a 2.77 acres of land in Uttar Pradesh State, Faizabad district, Ayodhya place. In this 2.77 acres of land, there is a masjid called Babri masjid. And opposite to it at the left side corner, there is Sita and Rama temple. Hindus used to worship God in this platform. Lord Ram, one of the gods in Hinduism, was born in Ayodhya. So the remaining place is occupied by some stores and other space is free. Three organizations are claiming that 2.77 acres of land belong to them.

Three organisations of Ayodhya:

  • Sunni central wakeboard: This organization represents Muslims. And they are saying that they are offering prayers to god. And this masjid was built by Mughal emperor Babar.
  • Viswa Hindu Parishad: This organization belongs to Hindus. According to the Ramayana epic the birthplace of Rama in Ayodhya. And everyone should accept the truth. And called as Ramjanmabhumi. Once the temple is underground. Muslims occupied and constructed a masjid illegally.
  • Nirmohi Akara: This organization represents the priests. They are saying that we are offering prayers and living out lifestyle. Offering became the major role. So they are asking for management status.

History of Ayodhya verdict:


In 1528, Mughals ruled Uttar Pradesh at that time. So Mughals emperor Babar ordered to build a grave in this area. Walls are proof fir it. So at that time, Mughals used to destroy temples and build masjids. But there is no clear evidence found.

Registration of land:

In 1717, Raja Jaisingh king bought this piece of land and registered under the name of Lord Rama. This place is widely used for offering prayers to the lord.

The clash between Hindus and Muslims

In 1850, there came a clash between Hindus and muslims. And the reason is not clear. But the Hindus demanded that 2.77 land belongs to them. But the British government didn’t gave the permission. Because they are claiming that belongs to muslims. So they wisely thought and made fencing along the masjid. And they also made a wooden platform for Hindus sake.

Prayers stopped

In 1959, Hindus kept the statue of lord Rama in the masjid. So next day morning muslims shocked by seeing the statute. But they Informed to nearby police station. Then police locked the entire place and gates too. No one is supposed to enter into the temples. And thereby prayers kept stop. The three organisations wrote a case in 1958,1961,1963.

Permission for prayers:

In 1989, the Viswa Hindu Parishad organization wrote a notice that they must be allowed inside for prayer. And surprisingly they won and the court gave permission to enter. And then they asked for gi e that place to Hindus. Because it is the birthplace of ram. Many BJP leaders supported Viswa Hindu Parishad.

support from leaders

In 1996, December 6 both bjp leaders and people called for a rally in front of masjid. And before 10:00 Am speeches of BJP leaders were ended and they left the place. At 12:30 pm people started entering the disputed area and stating JAI SHREE RAM. They went up to the building and started destroying masjid. Just in 3 hours, the masjid got distracted. Police can’t bare because there were only 2000 police to control 1,50,00 people.

After Investigation:

Based on this incident, clashes began between muslim and Hindus in famous areas like Hyderabad, Mumbai and all. Investigation was taken place to know how it happened. They found after investigation that people decided to collapse masjid. So they preplanned the incidents and trained how to do.

State judgement on Ayodhya dispute:

Allahabad court in 2010 decided to give land equally to three organizations. So 1/3rd part of the total land belongs to each organization. But this decision was not accepted by the three organizations. So the case was returned to the supreme court.

The Ayodhya case at the Supreme court

Supreme court stated that “Prove that the land belongs to you in any way”. And also arranged an archeological survey of India to know facts about it.
So the three organizations recorded their proofs. And also the archeological survey of India submitted its report to the supreme court. After clearly observing all the details the supreme court announced a judgment.

Records on Ayodhya

The decision was taken by the supreme court:
The Supreme court announced a judgment on November 9, 2019.

  • 1. A clear evidence was present to state that Hindus are offering prayers.
  • 2. And a piece of clear evidence that Muslims are also offering prayers.
  • 3. Registration papers are present showing that the land was registered on the name of Ram.
  • 4. Evidence for destroying masjid by Hindus. And this is illegal
  • 5. According to an archeological survey of India, Babri masjid was built on the temple. But no evidence showing that the temple was destroyed by Hindus.

Supreme court decision on Ayodhya

According to the supreme court, 2.7 acres of land can build a temple. Because evidence is present that the land was registered on Rama. The central government arranged a trust and gave the responsibility for building a temple and maintenance in charge. And Hindus destroyed Babri masjid so State or Central government should give 5 acres of land to Muslims. Because Babri masjid was destroyed. And the judgment was accepted in entire India. 5 judges solved this historic issue. They also said that we only trusted the evidence and gave judgment. But not any religious beliefs.

Conclusion on Ayodhya verdict

The supreme court has finally given its verdict on Ayodhya after ages. The issue of Babri masjid and ram mandir was going for ages. This was to satisfy both the parties and allow them to build masjid and temple. And the demolition of masjid in 1992 is a serious violation of the law. And in my point of view, this is a good decision. Which is an almost difficult decision-making issue. The court considered the history, facts, and beliefs of the people.and this is a peaceful decision keeping peaceful, unity, secularism, and all.

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